Let the sun
warm your skin.


on everyone.

Across the spectrum the vital ingredient for a felt sense of wellness, is flexible, compassionate engagement with your thoughts, feelings, and actions.

This is a fast-moving, complex time. With difficult challenges to navigate. Working together we will slow down to bring care-full attention to everything we do in session. We'll make room for compassionate curiosity to explore issues rooted in:

      • Anxiety/Panic
      • Stuckness/Depression
      • Life Stress
      • Career Development
      • Race/Ethnicity/Class
      • The impacts of priviledge and oppression.
      • Gender/Gender Expansion
      • Sexuality/Sexual identity
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As well, we will seek to heal traumatic experiences of loss and grief related to developmental, social, physical, or sexual trauma from a strengths based foundation.

Fear, or avoidance of emotions, can lead to rigid reactivity, and maneuvering the oppressive forces, both subtle and overt, in daily life causes some of our most profound suffering.

We will identify and define areas of difficulty, while building on your strengths, to transform challenges into sites of change. And experiment with cultivating fresh and meaningful experiences that support emotional flexibility and joyful engagement of self and community — along the way, seeking out opportunities that support growth, insight, and understanding.

your future, 
and well.



50 mins.
We will explore the inner connections and disconnections for anyone struggling to deepen into a felt sense of wellness. Finding places to slow down together to understand the blocks gripping your system and getting in the way of compassionate collaboration.

We will co-create and experiment with novel ways of engaging the world within and without.

Unfinished Business

50 mins.
We will help you explore your relationship to an idea, project, or activity you're not engaging with but want to be. We'll determine why it matters to you, and what is blocking your process and progress. We will note patterns blocking engagement and co-create new play and exploration methods.

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